Hoverboard Recall

Jetson Electric Bikes has recalled approximately 53,000 of its hoverboards due to a fire hazard. The hoverboard uses lithium ion batteries which can overheat during charging and ignite. The units that are involved in this recall were manufactured between 2018 and 2019. In addition, the affected models have a serial number that begins with the letters “ROG”. Jetson recommends that consumers stop using the products immediately and notify Jetson using their on-line form. The form is accessible on the company website at http://www.ridejetson.com/rogue-recall. Photographs of the hoverboard are also available on the website. Consumers can also contact Jetson by calling 1-800-635-4815. Jetson has stated that it will issue a full refund to consumers for the affected units.


About R.J. Hill, P.E.
R. J. Hill is the author of two blogs: R.J. Hill Consulting and the Descendants of James Alexander Hill. Mr. Hill is a registered professional (mechanical) engineer with 42 years of experience, 37 years in private practice. Please visit www.rjhill.com to see the kinds of forensic investigations that Mr. Hill performs.

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