Haier Freezer Recall

Our website (www.rjhill.com) has been updated in regard to a recall issued by Haier America for a problem with its 5.3 cu ft chest type freezers. A faulty capacitor has been identified as a fire hazard in those units. However, in the couse of one of our investigations, we encountered a fire in a 3.5 cu ft chest freezer which is similar to the fires in the 5.3 cu ft units. That is , the fires start low, in the compressor/control area and burn upward. Although no connection has been proven between the two units, the Consumer Product Safety commission has been asked to investigate further. Details of the recall issued by Haier are available on the CPSC website, www.cpsc.gov . On this page, click on “Recalls and Product Safety News”. On the next page, go to ‘Find Reports by Month and year”, enter “November 2010”. On the next page, scroll down to “Haier America Recalls Chest Freezers Due to Fire Hazard”.

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