LG and the Problems With Their Washing Machines

Our website was recently updated with a story about the problem that we have encountered with no apparent explanation. LG front loading washing machines were forcing the loading doors open and spilling their contents. The result was water damage to floors, carpeting and furnishings not to mention ceilings if the machine was located in an upstairs laundry room. Over the course of the last three years, reports of three malfunctioning machines were received and examined. However, on each occasion, whenever the machines were tested, each operated perfectly. So, the problem was never isolated until in the last incident, the water level pressure switch was isolated by a service technician and replaced. As a precautionary measure, the water valves were also replaced. The problem appeared to be that the switch would not break the water valve circuit when the wash drum was filled with the proper quantity of water. When the pressure switch finally broke the circuit and the overfilled drum began to spin, the amount of water in the drum exerted enough force against the loading door that it was forced open causing the contents and water spill out onto the floor. After doing some research, no recalls have been found regarding this particular problem. However, what was found were a number of complaints from consumers. It seems that people who have purchased LG machines have experienced noisy drum bearings, mold and mildew odor, and cleaning issues, amoung other things. Complaints about LG machines can be found searching “LG washing machines” and clicking on the Consumer Affairs complaints webpage. One of the primary areas of consumer frustration that a reader senses is the the lack of help from LG about their particular problem. Based on the number of complaints, the tone of the complaints and the experience with three of their machines, LG has problems that it needs to address as soon as possible.

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