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May 2023

Investigating Hydronic System Operation

April 2023

Hoverboard Recall

March 2023

Ford Fusion and MKZ Recalls

February 2023

Cosori Air Fryer Recall

Screener Fire Potential

December 2022

Washing Machine Fire Hazard

Ford Recalls

October 2022

Ozone Machines

Water Source Heat Pumps

July 2022

Buyer Beware!

June 2022

Ford Recalls Escape, Others for Roll-Away Problem

Boiler/Steam System Design

May 2022

Water Damage But No Signs of Water

April 2022

Who Owns the Evidence?

Water Damage and Frost-Proof Faucets

March 2022

Importance of Leveling

February 2022

Hyundai and Kia Latest Engine Fire Updates

January 2022

Ford Recalls Vehicles for Brakes and Driveshaft

December 2021

More About Hyundai and Kia Engine Fires

Happy Holidays Everyone !

November 2021

Cold Weather is Here Again!

October 2021

Water Pipe Damage Due to Arcing

August 2021

Water Inside Your Crawlspace?

Water Damage and Attic Installed Air Handlers

Applications of Investigative Mechanical Engineering

June 2021

Supco Surge Protector Warning

Watch Where You Park!

May 2021

Kia Recalls Sportage Vehicles

Ford Recalls Explorer Vehicles

Hyundai Recalls Elantra, Kona and Veloster Vehicles

Second Hyundai Vehicle Fire Update

April 2021

Honda Recalls Over 600,000 Vehicles for Faulty Fuel Pump

Weather Related Damage

March 2021

Another Refrigerator Water Filter Failure

February 2021

Property Inspection After Snow and Ice Storms

January 2021

Hyundai Recall Update

December 2020

Defective GE Dishwasher

November 2020

217,000 Vehicles Recalled by GM

October 2020

Potential Ford F 150 Fire Hazard

Hints That You Might Have a Subrogation Case

September 2020

Hyundai and Kia Vehicles Recalled for Fire Hazard

August 2020

Possible ProFlo Toilet Tank Defect

Recalls from Toyota, Ford and Subaru

Riding Lawn Mower Fire

July 2020

Not the Way to Mount Running Boards to Your Truck!

Combustible Hoverboards Still Out There

June 2020

Ford Recalls Vehicles for Latch and Brake Issues

Nissan Recalls Altimas for Second Time

Hyundai Recalls Sonata and Santa Fe Sport Vehicles for Fuel Leak

Subaru Recalls Impreza and Other Vehicles

April 2020

Coronavirus Protections

March 2020

What a Way to Blowup a Blower

Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator Recalled

February 2020

Services We Offer

Hyundai Recalls Elantra and Elantra Touring Vehicles

January 2020

Toyota Recalls Vehicles for Electronic Defect

Toyota Recalls Vehicles for Faulty Fuel Pumps

Space Heater Fire

December 2019

Holiday Fires

Brake and Battery Issues Prompt GM to Recall Trucks

Ford Recalls Super Duty Trucks

Holiday Greetings

November 2019

Leaking LG Refrigerator

October 2019

The Heating Season Begins

September 2019

Sometimes Things Just Happen

GM Recalls 3.4 Million Vehicles for Brake Problem

Weather Related Damage

Boiler Refresher

July 2019

Why Does the Inside of Cars Get so Hot?

Mazda Recalls SUVs for Engine Stalling

June 2019

Condenser Water Piping Seminar

Recalls – How Long Do They Last?

May 2019

Ford Fusion Recall

April 2019

Vehicular Fire in Hayfield

March 2019

Ford Recalls Trucks Due to Fire Hazard

What Every Property Adjuster Should Know About…

Hyundai Recalls Vehicles Due to Fire Risk

February 2019

Wet Weather and Engine Damage

Haier Recalls Freezer Refrigerators

January 2019

AHR Expo

Beware of Accucraft Wood Burning Fireplaces

December 2018

Watch Those Connections

Happy Holidays

Wheel Separation in 2016 Ford Taurus – Possible Recall?

November 2018

Combined Heat and Power

Veteran’s Day Appreciation

Lathe Chuck Injury Due to Faulty Lathe Operation

October 2018

Power Steering Recall

Long Hydraulic Hoses Cause Trencher Fire

Toyota Recalls Hybrids

September 2018

GM Recalls for Loss of Power Steering

Fire Hazard Prompts Ford to Recall 2 Million F-150s

August 2018

Gas Logs and Soot Damage

July 2018

Contents of Aerosol Cans can be Flammable

June 2018

So You Want to be Connected

How Can I help?

State Farm Accused of Influence Peddling

May 2018

Fiat Chrysler Recalls 4.8 Million Vehicles

It’s Not Always the Contractor’s Fault

April 2018

Ford Recalls Trucks and SUVs

March 2018

Death by Driverless Car

Ford Recalls Fusion and Lincoln MKZ Vehicles

Fire Hazards and Recalls

Hyundai Santa Fe Recall

February 2018

Maytag Dryer Electrocution and Fire Hazard

Destructive Force of Ice

Rheem Water Heater Recall

December 2017

Ram Truck Recall

Holiday Greetings

How NOT to Install a Water Filter

November 2017

Continuing Education Update

BMW Recalls

October 2017

The Problem With Oxygen Depletion Sensors

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

ATTENTION: Tennessee High School Seniors and Current Engineering Students

Pumps and Glycol Solutions

September 2017

Ram Truck Recall (Separate from Dec 2017)

What’s Going On?

Eight Deaths – Really?

HVAC Equipment – Repair or Replace?

What Happened to Water and Gas Lines?

August 2017

Volkswagen Recalls CC and Passat Vehicles

GM Recalls 2014 Silverado and Sierra Trucks

July 2017

Honda Accord Recall

More on the Use of PEX Pipe

Natural Gas Explosion at Murray State University

June 2017

Grenfell Tower Fire

This is What Can Happen When the Sprinkler System Doesn’t Work

Fire Protection Systems Training

Nissan to Begin Implementing Automatic Braking

Are You Ready to Deal With Robots?

Recalls From Volkswagen and Hyundai

Stop Using LaZboard Hoverboards!

Steam Condensation Plant Explosion

May 2017

Using Drones for Claims Investigations

2017 Scholarship Award Winners

Scott Hill, BSME, MSME, EIT

April 2017

Recalls for Fire and Electrical Defects

Gas Station Hose Swivel Connectors Recalled

GM Appeal Over Ignition Switch Cases – DENIED

Hyundai Kia Recalls

March 2017

Ford Recalls Vehicles for Safety Issues

Mercedes Benz Recalls

Chevy Impala Exploding Manifold

Roofs Shouldn’t Look Like this

February 2017

Cut Those Tree Limbs!!!

A Word About Fraud

January 2017

Compact Flourescent Lights

Fire and Appliance Safety, Part 2

December 2016

Fire and Appliance Safety (Part 1)

Happy Holidays

They Can’t Do anything But Say No

Fiatt Chrysler Recalls

November 2016

33 Years and counting

Fox 10 TV Investigates Vortens Toilet Tanks

Samsung Recalls Washing Machines

September 2016

Scholarship Instructions

Vortens Toilet Tank Update

August 2016

Whirlpool Microwave Recall

Deep Fryer Fires due to Lack of Maintenance

Irrigation System Failure

July 2016

Vehicle Recalls by Ford, GM and Chrysler

Scholarship Awarded to Aaron Schneider

June 2016

Toro Lawn Mower Defective Carburetor

May 2016

Guards and Guy Wires

“Leave the Friggin Thing Alone!”

April 2016

Soot Damage From Gas Logs

Scholarship Award Winners

Ceiling Fan Recall

March 2016

Craigslist and Recalled Products

What’s Going on With Carrier and Goodman?

Product Recalls

Solar Anyone?

February 2016

Microsoft Recalls A/C Power Cords for Surface Pro Devices

Please Review the Comments….

January 2016

Potential Kia Defect

2015 In Review

It’s Wintertime!!!

Happy New Year

December 2015

Climate Change, Part 2

Climate Change and Renewable energy

November 2015


Takata Air Bag Recall, Part 2


Duramax 2.8L Diesel Engine

Thank you !

October 2015

Vehicle Recalls

September 2015

GM Compared to PCA

Scholarship Instructions for Tennessee Students

August 2015

Legionaire’s Disease Makes a Comeback

July 2015

How to Tell if Your Transmission was Damaged in an Accident

May 2015

Takata Air Bag Recall

Commercial Truck Investigations

Kiwanis Presentation

March 2015

Oil Filled Heaters Spray Oil – Recalled Due to Burn Hazard

General Electric Pays 3.5 Million Civil Penalty

February 2015

Air Bag Control Module Failure

Nissan Rogue Recall

Low SEER Units Still Available

January 2015

Scholarships Available for the 2014-2015 Academic Year

Which Came First: The Accident or the Transmission Damage?

Our New Website

December 2014

Christmas and Safety

November 2014

The Workings of a Mediation

Recent Happenings

September 2014

Educating the Public

August 2014

Samsung Washing Machine Update

Another Samsung Drain Pump Failure

Hyundai Sonata Recall

July 2014

Buick Lacrosse Fires Caused by Faulty HDM Module?

Drain Pump Bracket Failure

Vortens Toilet Tanks

Faulty Installation of Frost Proof Faucet

June 2014

Need a Speaker?

What Happened Here?

May 2014

Opening for a Computer Forensics Engineer

R.J. Hill Consulting Announces Scholarship Awards

March 2014

Chevy Impala Not Recalled for for Exploding Intake Manifold and Engine Fire

February 2014

Another Flushmate Recall

January 2014

Danger: Using Lights for Space Heating

Scholarship Offerings

New Year Recalls

November 2013

Recurring Product Problems

October 2013

Is Technology changing Too Fast?

August 2013

Getting Bad Gas?

Beware of Dishonest A/C Dealers

July 2013

Attorneys and Expert’s Depositions

April 2013

Microscopic Analysis Capability Update

Federal Jury Renders Verdict Against State Farm

Serious Recalls

Silly Little Key Fob

Exploding Glass Oven Door

March 2013

Dangerous Construction Site

January 2013

Update – The Problem With PEX Pipe

Mini Cooper Water Pump Fire Hazard

December 2012

A Successful Trial

September 2012

I’m Not The Enemy!

August 2012

More Throttle Trouble

July 2012

The Problem PEX Pipe

June 2012

Flushmate Does it Again

May 2012

PEs, Diplomates and Fellows

April 2012

Electric Power Steering

March 2012

Sudden/Unintended Acceleration

January 2012

LG and the Problems With Their Washing Machines

December 2011

Wheel Separation From Ford Vehicles

November 2011

Subrogating for the Sake of Subrogating

October 2011

“Did You Hear the one About the Honda…”

August 2011

Hired Guns

Lightning Hits Car

Flushmate Exploding Toilets

Vehicle Recalls

July 2011

Would You Hire an Expert to Help You Deal With an Insurance Company?

Be Careful How You Treat Your Engineering Investigator

May 2011

Looks Like Dometic Still has Problems

More Recalls

Does Ford Have a New Fire Hazard?

February 2011

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Linked to Keyless Ignition Fobs

More Natural Gas Explosions

Government’s Report on Toyota’s Sudden Acceleration Problem

January 2011

Runaround Coil Heat Recovery

Air Conditioning in Winter?

Ford and Their Windstar Axle Problem

December 2010

Haier Freezer Recall

November 2010

Sudden Acceleration

September 2010

Buyer Beware!

California Gas Line Explosion

August 2010

Corolla, Matrix and Vibe Recalls

Tankless Water Heater Explosion

Recall News

Lightning Damage

July 2010

Examination of 2005 Gulfstream RV



















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