Dangerous Construction Site

We’ve been working on something recently that has become an unbelieveably lucky set of occurrances for a general contactor. Seems that a rock crusher was damaged when a stick of undetonated explosive was unknowingly loaded into the machine and detonated. Miraculously, no one was injured or killed when the explosion occurred. Only the day before, an undetonated stick of explosive was found on the construction site. This finding should have been a huge red flag for all of the contractors working on the site including the general. Such an unsafe working environment should have been reported to the state authorities that control blasting activities. But it wasn’t. It became obvious that the blasting contractor and the general contractor didn’t report anything because of the potential consequences: shut down of the construction site and possible fines. After these two occurrances, there were others that went undocumented. At one point, one of the subcontractors called the authorities and was told not to do it again, that they (general contractor) would be the ones to do the reporting. Needless to say, the authorities that govern blasting and work safety say that nothing was ever reported to them. How many times has this happend on other job sites? Have contractors been getting away with running unsafe construction sites in the name of protecting their profits? Is politics a part of this danagerous game? Please comment.

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