Microscopic Analysis Capability Update

We have recently updated our microscopic analysis capability. For several years we successfully used a 35 mm Minolta SLR camera to document microscopic material failures. We have now implemented a digital system which allows the user to take still shots but, also has a video capability. The camera, manufactured by Amscope, is specifically designed for use with a stereo microscope. The camera is not a point-and-shoot type device such as those found on the market for everyday use. The camera is focused using the coarse and fine adjustments of the scope itself. A ring-type adjustable LED light provides the necessary lighting. Once the subject is focused, video or a still photograph can be taken and saved on computer in bmp, jpeg and tiff formats. With our old system, we would scan a printed photograph, save in jpeg format and then convert to a pdf file for emailing. Now, all we have to do is convert from jpeg to pdf and email. As with our old system, the new system can also be used in the field. Typical applications include bolt and pipe failures, arcing and short circuiting of wiring; and circuit board examination for failed components. For a look at our new system, please visit our website at http://www.rjhill.com and click on special capabilities, then microscope.

About R.J. Hill, P.E.
R. J. Hill is the author of two blogs: R.J. Hill Consulting and the Descendants of James Alexander Hill. Mr. Hill is a registered professional (mechanical) engineer with 42 years of experience, 37 years in private practice. Please visit www.rjhill.com to see the kinds of forensic investigations that Mr. Hill performs.

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