Possible ProFlo Toilet Tank Defect

It has been brought to our attention that toilet tanks made under the ProFlo brand have been cracking after installation and causing significant water damage.  We were made aware of the problem when a plumbing company located in Florida noticed our article on Vortens toilet tanks and subsequently contacted us and advised us of a similar problem with ProFlo tanks.  The company that notified us also provided photographs of three separate tank failures which are shown below.  After researching ProFlo, it was learned that Ferguson Enterprises owns and distributes the brand in the United States.  Ferguson Enterprises is also based in Newport News, Virginia.  The intent of this notice is to determine if there is widespread experience with tank failures and request that those experiencing the failures comment on their situations so as to make the defect common knowledge and possibly result in a recall.     

Cracked ProFlo toilet tank
Second instance encountered where the toilet tank cracked
Third cracked tank

Fox 10 TV Investigates Vortens Toilet Tanks

We have been reporting on the Vortens toilet tank problem for three years and still receiving comments from people who have experienced failures. The comments have paid off!  WALA Fox 10 News out of Mobile Alabama has picked up the story and conducted an investigation.  Turns out that one of their people also had a bad experience with these products.  If you would like to see the video, please click on the following link:


Vortens Toilet Tank Update

Earlier this week I was contacted by a reporter for a television station in Mobile Alabama.  This was the second time in two months that a reporter contacted me asking about Vortens tanks.  The first time, a reporter from a Houston area television station contacted me.  To those who have posted comments: please note that your comments are being read and are getting the attention of the news media.  Please keep posting your experiences if for no other reason than to let others know that they are not an isolated incident.


Please Review the Comments…

Some of the articles on this blog have generated a number of comments from readers who have had similar experiences. For example, there have been a number of comments that have come from readers that have experienced one or more Vortens toilet tank failures.  Similarly, we have received comments on the Chevy Impala exploding engine. Whatever you interest, please don’t forget to check the comments.  Click on the “Comments” button located in the upper right hand corner of the toolbar.  This section is different from leaving a comment.  After each blog entry, there is a phrase that says “Leave a comment”.  If you want to comment on something, it is here that you will enter your thoughts.  Thank you for your letting us know how you feel and what you think.



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