Faulty Installation of Frost Proof Faucet

We recently discovered an outdoor faucet that had been installed improperly.  The problem occured in a newly constructed home when water began flooding the interior.  The problem was discovered when the fuacet was used to water the homeowner’s lawn.  You would think that the installing plumber would know bettter than to install the faucet in a way that would result in its freezing during the winter.  Unfortunately, the faucet was installed pitched downward toward the valve seat end of the faucet.  Since the water inside the tube has no place to go, it froze when the temperature dropped below freezing.  The result was the bursting of the water tube just behind the valve seat.

Frost proof faucet damaged as a result of freezing, note crack at end of tube

Frost proof faucet damaged as a result of freezing, note crack at end of tube


Attorneys and Expert’s Depositions

Just this past week, I was scheduled to give a deposition in another of my investigated cases.  In this particular case, the issue was centered around whether a plumber was negligent in installing a 3″ pvc water supply line. Approximately 9 months after the line was installed, a coupling failed resulting in water damage to a healthcare facility.  The case is now coming full circle by the taking of witness statements by the attorneys for each side.  Answering the opposing attorney’s questions is not a problem as I am usually well prepared.  The problems arise when the opposing attorney doesn’t want to pay the expert’s bill for the deposition. This was exactly the situation I faced which, I might add, was not the first time. However, due to previous experience, I have learned to insist on receiving payment before testifying. The alternative is to leave the meeting without giving any statements. Those expert witnesses that have been in practice for seve Read more of this post

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