Government’s report on Toyota’s sudden acceleration problem

The government released its findings yesterday (2/8/11) and if you haven’t heard, there is nothing wrong with the electronics in Toyota vehicles that cause them to suddenly accelerate. According to the Associated Press, NASA engineers were involved in testing the vehicles in question. So much so, that we, the consuming public are supposed to get a warm and fuzzy feeling that all is right with the world and Toyota has our backs when it comes to safety in their vehicles. Wait a minute!  Are all the people that experienced sudden acceleration problems crazy? Did they fabricate their stories in an attempt to defraud Toyota? Is this a massive conspiracy? Common sense says no way! There are way too many incidents to discount. Just because the NASA people didn’t find a cause doesn’t mean that they were looking in the right place or running the right tests. Maybe there has to be more history before the cause can be found.  Random events occur  in the workings of electronics. I can’t prove what they are much less prove they occur. If this were possible, then I or someone else would be able to explain the sudden acceleration problem. In my dealings with machines that are electronically controlled, I have seen inadvertent movements that have been unexplainable. For example, I have investigated electronically controlled washing machines that, for no explainable reason, allow their front loading doors to open when the wash tub in filled with water. Needless to say, people are complaining and I don’t have any answers. But, something is obviously happening to cause the doors to open when they are supposed to be electronically locked. I don’t mean to place the damage caused by wash water on the same level as that of a vehicular accident. But, what I am saying is that I believe that something happens that takes control of the machines that we are supposed to have control over and sometimes, hurts us.

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