Flushmate “Exploding” Toilets

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by someone who had experienced firsthand what happens when one of these products fails.  In the late 1990’s the Sloan Valve Companny recalled their Flushmate II and III products because they could develop a leak .  According to the recall information, the leak occurred in a joint connecting the upper and lower halves.  The recall went on to say that the separation of the halves was accompanied by a rapid release of the pressurized water.  It should be noted that the water in the Flushmate was pressurized by whatever the prevailing local pressure is.  In conventional toilets, the water in the tank is not under any pressure.  When the Flushmate tank cracked, the pressurized water had a tendency to fracture a porcelain toilet tank into several pieces.  Needless to  say, anyone in the vicinity of one of these bombs, has the potential for being seriously hurt if not killed.  These products are still out there and the public should know that.  Sloan’s product advisory is still on the web and can be found at http://www.flushmate.com/ProductAdvisory/productadvisory.asp?id=2  The photographs below show a cracked Flushmate and what remains after a the tank exploded.

Cracked Flushhmate tank


Remains of toilet tank

About R.J. Hill, P.E.
R. J. Hill is the author of two blogs: R.J. Hill Consulting and the Descendants of James Alexander Hill. Mr. Hill is a registered professional (mechanical) engineer with 42 years of experience, 37 years in private practice. Please visit www.rjhill.com to see the kinds of forensic investigations that Mr. Hill performs.

5 Responses to Flushmate “Exploding” Toilets

  1. Anonymous says:

    We had this happen tonight and thank God my 9 year old son was longer in the bathroom. The word has to get out about this issue because unsuspecting people are going to die.


  2. I just got a postcard today! WTF took them so long?


    • I hope nobody was injured in your ccase. If you wouldn’t mind, would you share what the card said?

      Thanks for your interest.


      • Akbar Fish (@garyes805) says:

        I’ve scanned the postcard. How would I get that to you?

        It is a “voluntary recall” in cooperation with the US CPSC. The only reason I found this page was that after I got the postcard I did an image search for “flushmate explodes” or something like that.

        Nothing exploded here. They did replace the vessel once because it had a slow leak. I mean they sent a new one and a friend helped me install it.


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