Looks Like Dometic Still has Problems!

Several years ago, Dometic, the company that manufactures absorption refrigerators for RV’s, had to recall some of it’s products as a result of a leak in the coolant circuit that could result in a fire.  Since that recall, Dometic  has had to expand that recall to an additional 745,574 refrigerators (see NHTSA campaign # 08E032000). According to NHTSA, the problem is still in the boiler tube which can crack. As a result, the coolant can leak and ignite. Apparently, fires are still occurring. Presently investigating fire in horse trailer equipped with a Dometic absorption refrigerator.

About R.J. Hill, P.E.
R. J. Hill is the author of two blogs: R.J. Hill Consulting and the Descendants of James Alexander Hill. Mr. Hill is a registered professional (mechanical) engineer with 42 years of experience, 37 years in private practice. Please visit www.rjhill.com to see the kinds of forensic investigations that Mr. Hill performs.

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